Why I love prophet Muhammad, pbuh?

As a Muslim I hold great reverence for Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, pbuh. Although, I do not believe him to be God, like Jesus for Christians or Krishna for Hindus; I believe Muhammad to be the best of all the prophets and best among sons of Adam. Islam teaches that all religions at their base taught oneness of God but later original teachings were forgotten and distorted due to cultural influences. . All biblical prophets as well as Krishna, Buddha, Confucius and Zoroaster according to Islam were sent by the same God.

I feel fortunate to have come from a family where Islamic teachings were part of a daily life. As a woman, I cannot help but appreciate Prophet Muhammad. He is my savior. My prophet Muhammad granted women respect and honor. The list of these rights Islam bestowed upon women is long. I believe Muhammad, pbuh, was the greatest advocate for women. Women did not have many of the rights he granted before Islam and in many cases, are still deprived of even in our modern society. The right to stay alive for baby girls is the first thing I appreciate. Before Islam some people in Arabia killed daughters due to embarrassment and shame associated with the birth of a daughter. Even to this day in some cultures, female fetuses are aborted e.g., China and India.

A man came to Holy prophet Muhammad and while talking about the period of ignorance before Islam, said that he had a daughter. She would rush towards him when He would call her. One day he called her and she followed. He took her to a well and dropped the innocent little girl in. The man said that he still remembered her heart wrenching cries. She kept on calling him, “father, father.” But the father did not care and burried her under the dirt. Tears dropped from the Prophet’s eyes and his beard got wet. (Darmi)

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, encouraged his followers to educate their daughters and provide them good training by saying, “if someone has two daughters and he raises them well he/she’ll enter paradise.” Also, “whoever has a daughter and he neither buries her alive nor mistreats her or prefers his son over her, Allah will enter him in paradise.” (Ahmad)

My beloved prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had four daughters and he treated them all with love and kindness. He was there for them when they needed him, as long as he lived. Talking about his beloved daughter Fatima he says, whoever made Fatima unhappy made me Unhappy.” When she came to visit him he would stand up to welcome her and hold her hand out of love and kiss it and had her sit next to her. She did the same for him when the prophet visited her. Once, Fatima went to visit her father the prophet, when he was away from home. When he learnt of it, upon his return, he went to visit her right away in the cold winter weather.

He used to carry his granddaughter Umama bint Abi Alaas on his shoulder while leading prayer. He would put her down while going in the prostration and pick her back up again. (abu Daud)

Granting women right to education is another big reason for me to appreciate Muhammad, pbuh. He made it obligatory for women to receive education on equal footings with men by saying, “It is incumbent upon every man and woman to get education.”

If it wasn’t for him I probably would have not been able to share with you this information.

I respect your views and thoughts about the topic. Don’t hesitate to share them 🙂


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