‘Walk for Humanity’ Another Effort By AMC To Save Lives

This post was published on Examiner.com.After ‘Muslims for Life’, a successful national campaign to give blood in honor of victims of 9/11, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is making another great effort to save humanity by raising monies for three major charity organizations: Humanity First USA, WhyHunger, and the Boys & Girls Club of Lake County.
Held this weekend in Washington DC, New York and Chicago “Walk for Humanity” an annual walkathon, proved to be a great success. One thousand men, women and children came out to participate. A third grader, Aleeza Tooba Ahmad walked the three mile trail, along with her parents and 3 younger siblings on her ninth birthday. Tooba exceeded her goal of collecting $1000 for Walk For Humanity. A 10 year old from Boston raised over $2000. So far a total of more than $77,000 have been collected.While some Muslims are choosing to protest against the recent anti-Islam film by involving in less than peaceful protests, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been actively donating blood and raising monies for charities in order to save lives.They demonstrate a true example of peace by putting Islam’s teachings into practice, thus bringing into light the true character of Prophet Muhammad. This community was recently recognized as an organization working for peace by Huffington Post Religion on International Day of Peace.You can show your support and help them reach their goal of $500,000 by donating at walkforhumanityus.org.

Featured image by MKA Walk for Humanity.


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