This poem was written on the New Year’s Eve thinking of mankind’s despair for peace and need for guidance. I’ve used the attributes of God calling upon Him for help. There are 99 attributes of God in Islam.


Spend tonight in prayers
to welcome the new year
Cry out your tears,
Let your sighs fill the air
Tonight weep in your Lord’s court

O those who fear
Call on God’s mercy
So you may be spared

Spend the night wailing at His door
Ask that He shows His Light to this world
Beg for a halt to mankind’s suffering
Say, mankind’s losing hope
Is in the slumbering

Beseech to Him, O friend
So He lowers down His limb
Cry, cry for the peace, O dear
For a bright star to shine for us in this new year,
For all to be free & filled with glee

Request for mercy, ask for His decree
Decree for a new Era, a new time to begin
Where people recognize the truth,
May they feel from within

O Beloved God! change mankind’s fate
Turmoil every where,
Terror is just much,

Children in pain
Mothers baffled
Snatched blood ridden laps
humanity in shock
Lives lost, tiny, innocent

We are in fear,
We seek you O Al-Mujeeb (The Responder)
We beseech your help O Al-Wadood (The Loving)
We ask for forgiveness O Al-Ghaffar (The Forgiver)
Do not put on our shoulders
What we cannot bear

Make this New Year, the route to A New Era
End of terror, end of ignorance, end of hate
Where each soul is happy, no one poor
Hearts open, everyone is welcome

Send a savior, O Al Hadi, (The Guide)
Grant us wisdom, O Al Hakeem, (The Wise)
Grant us the power to discriminate
The right from wrong
Show us your path
Through your mercy

We are unable, incapable
Weak, ignorant
yet arrogant

We think too highly
of our capabilities,
Our achievements!
Little do we know that

We have no power

but what you grants us
You are the true Lord

Your seat been given to
New idols of this age
God? What God?
We forget your grandeur

mankind lost trust in you
They have lost hope
They can’t see you
Show yourself to us
Show us your light (An-Nur, The Light)

Let your mercy
encompass our mistakes O Ar Raheem, (The Ever Merciful)
Lead us to your path
A path straight to you O Ar-Rasheed, (The Guide to the Right Path)
Make this year,
The beginning to a new Era
O God, Your Era


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