Many, many wishes to all of you for a happy, blissful, blessed and peaceful 2015. May 2015 be unlike 2014. This past year was a tough year I think in general for the entire world.

The scare of Ebola, lost flights with deceased passengers, Peshawar attacks in Pakistan with close to 150 people killed including most under-15 kids. Burning of an expecting Christian Couple to death in November and earlier in July 2014 of Ahmadi homes killing 4 (an elderly woman, 2 young children and an unborn fetus) all supported by the blasphemy law. Murder of another Ahmadi in May 2014; a Cardiologist who went to Pakistan as a volunteer only to help the poor and needy. Fight for democracy for countries like Ukraine, Hong Kong, Pakistan. Afghanistan and Iraq still under War. Conflict in Syria. Gaza and Palestine under attack by Israeli army. Suffering of innocent children.

If all this was not enough, add to the list the terror of ISIS. Let’s not forget the local issues we saw in the United States: Ferguson, Michael Garner, the December shooting of two cops – just to name a few.

In the presence of all this it is hard to think of happy times or any possible positive change happening in the world.

But looking at the positive side, we had the youngest ever Noble Laureate. Malala Yousfzai stood up against Taliban for her and many other children’s right to education. She became a sign of strength and stands as a ray of hope for many. And the surprising thing, Malala Yousafzai comes from the same part of the world where Taliban did the most oppression. Those who called her fake and did not believe her pleas for help calling her tears crocodile tears, were all shocked by the Peshawar attacks. Same problem she had been calling attention stood in the face of Pakistan as a much bigger problem. Mothers got their young children ready and sent them to school only to rush hours later to collect their blood ridden dead bodies.

The protests for democracy could also seen as a positive change as they show people are ready for change. Similarly the #Icantbreathe on twitter is also a sign the change is in the process.

I am sure many other positive things might have happened… may be for you…….fill in the blanks with the most positive things which occurred in your life.

Wish I could paint a happier picture of the past year for you. But either my focus has been on the sad stuff or you may also view it to be the same. Anyhow, the point was that I wish for 2015 to totally unlike the past year. May it be like the rays of sunshine….warm, happy, safe and peaceful.

Let’s all take a step towards making this positive change happen. Let’s vow to do anything in our power to not let negative things effect us in a negative manner. Let’s stay united. Let’s not discriminate against each other. Let us ignore any differences among us. Let not our arrogance, our hate, our ignorance dictate who we are as a country, as a people, as a nation and most of all as mankind. Let humanity rule over our pride of any sort. Let us come down to help the suffering humanity form our self-created thrones.

Let us get out of our comfort zones and welcome all those we abhor, those who disgust us, those who have deserved any sort of hate in our hearts. Instead give them the benefit of doubt. Educate yourself about them. May be they are not as bad as you think…pray for them.

Lend a hand to educate someone, help someone in need, put a smile on somebody’s face. Let all enmities be gone. Let compassion steep in….let tenderness reside in our hearts. Filling it with love, leaving no room for hate.

Let 2015 be a year of compassion. Compassion for all, equally.


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