Guidance from God

If we admit that it was God who created man, we also must admit that He made arrangements for man’s guidance towards Him, to show mankind that He exists and how to reach Him.

It so happens that when Allah sends his messengers to this world, people hasten in denying. They mock, persecute and do everything in their power to show the person their place (in their mind.) The reason: they find it hard to tell if the claimant actually is sent from God. “Why would God choose him?” they say. He is just a regular man like us. He did not descend from heaven. So-and-so sign is not fulfilled. They are looking for the words to be fulfilled in the literal sense.

Most people won’t be bothered by concerns of God or religion anyways. They are busy making a living, running daily errands, going to sch­­­ool, raising their children. But to those who are in search of the truth and are honestly looking for God, He sends His angels to show such people the truth of the sent messenger, so they could be guided to God’s path…the path to righteousness.

Fortunate are those who are guided by God Himself.

The Divinely Inspired Conversion

I called my mother today to ask about a story she had told me and my siblings, growing up, over and over again. It had almost become a folk tale to us and I had forgotten the details. So here is. I am sharing it at the request of a twitter friend @NoorulainQainat. I thought it will be also beneficial to document this important piece of history for my own children. This story is about how my maternal great-grandfather converted to Ahmadiyyat at the hands of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih I, Alhajj Hakeem Maulana Noorudin Sahib, (may Allah be pleased with him.)

The name given to my maternal great grand father at birth was Ghulam Rasul, but his mother called him Buddha, meaning “of old age.” An only child to his parents, he was born as a result of their longtime prayers: “O God, take all our wealth and give us a child.” And indeed, soon after Mian Buddha Sahib was born, his parents passed away and he was raised as an orphan by relatives.

The wealth the family owned was so plentiful that their gold ashrafis could not be counted. It had to be evaluated by weight in order to be distributed for inheritance. The lands, wells, horses etc., were extra.

Allah took away the wealth of this world, but granted spiritual wealth instead.

Mian Buddha sahib accepted Ahmadiyyat as a result of a dream. One morning, he woke up from a dream pounding on his chest declaring, “I accept, I accept.” Immediately he wrapped his turban on his head and put his shoes on, heading to Qadian to do bai’at. He did not even stop to think or explain his dream when asked what happened. Here are the contents of the dream, as related by my mother.

Mian Buddha saw three brightly illuminated rooms, which opened into each other, with light flowing from one to the next with a veranda attached at one end. In this veranda, an elderly saint-like figure sat on a throne like bench (takht) with round pillows on it. Perplexed about this light, my great-grandfather Mian Buddha sahib asked the wise man why there was so much light coming out of those rooms.

He responded, “Oh, don’t you know?” Buddha sahib inquired again that if he knew he would not ask. The wise man then replied that the room at the opposite end of veranda with most amount of light, blinding light shining through – the source of light for the rest of the rooms – is where Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is seated. In the next room is the Promised Messiah, may peace be on him. He receives the light directly coming out of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.) This same light is then transferred to Khalifa-tul-Masih I, (may Allah be pleased with him,) in the last room – the room with the least light as compared to Holy Prophet’s. The light it received was the light coming from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) going into the Promised Messiah, (peace be on him,) and then indirectly reflecting into the Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, (may Allah be pleased with him.)

It was a great blessing from God that my great grandfather was provided guidance by Allah himself, saving him and his future generations from the turmoil the Muslim Ummah faces today in general. We must thank Allah for this great blessing and make certain that we do all we can to hold on to the rope of Allah. Never let go of the hand of the Khalifa of the time. He is our connection to the promised Messiah’s message, which is nothing but an explanation of the Holy Quran and a deep burning love for the Holy Prophet, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, and his message Islam.


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