The beauty of unity in Islam

Whether you are rich or poor, in rags or sophisticated, highly educated or completely illiterate, black or white, nothing matters. All stand shoulder to shoulder praying to one God.


Khalifa of Islam on women’s rights

November 2016 Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad – Khalifatul Masih V(aba) In this ground breaking address, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmadaba, expounds how, more than a millennium before the secular world, Islam first definitively established and safeguarded the rights of women 1400 years ago, whilst acknowledging and celebrating the different strengths of men and women. […] … Continue reading Khalifa of Islam on women’s rights

Love for All, Hatred for None

I was really impressed by a friend’s desire to spread the message of truth when she handed me a paper with the following writing on it, while we met to visit a sick sister. Amtul Wadood Baig writes from the heart and translates with little help available. Her effort is inspiring and praise worthy. She … Continue reading Love for All, Hatred for None

Interfaith Harmony: An Imperative Need for the Time

The shootings at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, France on January 7, 2015 and two days later at the kosher market, added to the list of outrageous and insane killings done in Islam’s name. These thoughtless attacks against free speech opened up the Pandora’s Box of hate against Islam. Although, two Muslims came out of … Continue reading Interfaith Harmony: An Imperative Need for the Time

AMC’s Celebrations For The New Year 2015

So when the entire world is busy enjoying the celebrations of the new year, what does the Ahmadiyya Muslim Commnity do? We wake up when most people will be just hitting their bed. Early around 4:30 am your local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's member gathered to pray for your safety and your peace. They were begging … Continue reading AMC’s Celebrations For The New Year 2015

Let Compassion Dictate Your 2015

Many, many wishes to all of you for a happy, blissful, blessed and peaceful 2015. May 2015 be unlike 2014. This past year was a tough year I think in general for the entire world. The scare of Ebola, lost flights with deceased passengers, Peshawar attacks in Pakistan with close to 150 people killed including … Continue reading Let Compassion Dictate Your 2015

Guidance from God

My great grand father, Mian Ghulam Rasul Buddha Sahib, saw three brightly illuminated rooms, which opened into each other, with light flowing from one to the next with a veranda attached at one end. In this veranda, an elderly saint-like figure sat on a throne like bench (takht) with round pillows on it. Perplexed about … Continue reading Guidance from God