Celebrating the new year

So when the entire world is busy enjoying the celebrations of the new year, what does the Ahmadiyya Muslim Commnity do? We wake up when most people will be just hitting their bed. Early around 4:30 am your local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s member gathered to pray for your safety and your peace. They were begging for God’s mercy to help the poor, the afflicted , for the world peace and the guidance of the entire mankind in general.

After they were done with Tahajjud (extra prayer during night) and Fajr (daily morning prayer) some of ‘em went to clean the roads in your local community. While some fasted to envoke God’s Mercy to save the mankind from the turmoil it is going through and seems to be heading towards.

Next new year’s eve, why not join Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in praying and helping the world. The more hands raised together for prayer, the better.


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