Years In Review

In the midst of life, when I realize that my kids are growing older and soon will be ready to spread their wings, it brings tears to my eyes. At the same time, I also understand it is part of life. Just like I had to leave my mother’s home one day, so will they.

Sooner or later they will be gone. Such is life.

All my adult life, my focus has been on them. I am reminded of something my husband usually says and it brings a smile to my face. Whenever he feels ignored he says that our kids will be gone and it will be only the two of us left in the end. I now understand what he means. He is right.

I realize this more and more now so I try to give him time. He deserves it. All those years, he was there for our children and I.

He stood by me in my time of need.

As I look back I feel I can understand life better and see things more clearly. I now know that some times when I might have considered others at fault, they perhaps were not. May be, we had misunderstood them. Isn’t it funny sometimes we misjudge others simply because we are in a rush or may be due to our ego or immaturity. We don’t realize what negativity we are contributing to the equation due to our own lack of understanding or some other similar factor.

I am sometimes amazed at how we are in-charge of our lives. Yes, its us no one else who is responsible for our actions. I strongly believe it. It is in accordance with the books of God. Qur’an repeatedly says we’ll be held accountable for each and every action of ours.

If we want something we can achieve it. If we do not like something we have the power to change it. But we have to keep in mind the rights of others.

We are more powerful and stronger than we think.

And yes its true, time flies.


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