The beauty of unity in Islam

Kaaba surrounded by Muslims standing in prayer to one single God, Lord of all the worlds
magnet with iron filings around it
Iron filings erect in a circle towards the  magnet

Notice anything common between the above images?

One image is a magnet surrounded by the iron filings forming a circle around the cube as a result of the magnetic field. Other image is the kaaba, surrounded by Muslims from all over the world, encircling the cube of kaaba while praying during Hajj.

As a matter of fact, 1.6 billion Muslims face towards the same kaaba when standing for prayer, whether present at the holy mosque or anywhere else on the globe when standing up for 5 daily prayer.


A remarkable resemblance, if you ask me.

Kaaba provides unity to Muslims all over the globe wherever they might be located. This unity in focus stands for belief in and worship of one God. Hence, combining actions with thoughts.

Whether you are rich or poor, in rags or sophisticated, highly educated or completely illiterate, black or white, nothing matters.  All stand shoulder to shoulder praying to one God.

A mosque (or Masjid- Arabic for place of prostration) is the house of God. Islam requires Muslims to meet;

  1. 5 times daily for prayers at local mosques.
  2. Weekly on Fridays, to meet at the larger mosque for Jumma prayer. This enables a larger group to meet and greet to stay bonded and spiritually connected.
  3. Twice yearly Islam asks Muslims to gather at the larger city mosque for both Eids where the entire Muslim population of the city and nearby areas get together to keep in touch with each other and meet for the happy occasion.
  4. Then whoever is able, should visit the grand mosque (Masjid Alharam) for Hajj – the once a year pilgrimage or once in a lifetime. This provides an opportunity for Muslims world over to mingle and get to know Muslims from all nations – building bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood the world over.


In essence Islam teaches unity. Unfortunately this unity is not seen in Muslims of today. A sad truth. Another fact is that most Muslims are not following the teachings of Quran, as a result landing in this terrible mess that they are in.

This currently lacking fundamentally needed unity is due to the lack of proper guidance. So how do we fulfill this utmost need? Khilafat is the solution. True, many efforts have been made to establish khilafat. But could not flourish.  We do have ISIS, you say.  And I say, it is not even Islamic but claims to be so.

How does one distinguish true Khilafat from a ‘non-true’ Khilafat?

Or how do we know  what ‘true Islam’ is?

You may say it is a ‘he said,’ ‘she said’ situation.

And I say go to and find out for yourself.

True khilafat is established by God himself. And Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been blessed with this khilafat which Muslims today are trying hard to achieve.

Khalifa of Islam Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad is the guiding light in the current times when the world is desperately seeking guidance towards peace and harmony in the world and unity among people.

Learn more about him at or go to to learn more about Islam’s message.

Shall we take the discussion further and talk about what you think?


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