Happy 2013 to all

Welcome to 2013. A happy new year to you all.

Whether or not you believed in them or not, any worries about the Mayan prophecies of the world ending on Dec. 21 are behind us. Amongst such prophecies and talks about fiscal cliff, we have stepped into the new years just any other year in the past. With dance, music, new year parties and other such celebrations.

This year, let us welcome the new year with prayers.

Ahmadiyya Muslim community celebrated the coming of a new year with prayers for a prosperous and peaceful new year for all by getting up in the middle of the night and offering prayers at their local mosques.

These prayers do not have to end there though.

They must continue.

Everyday when we pray for our families and our loved ones we should remember the rest of the world. Many are suffering due to lack of food. Many live to see a day when their children would go to school. Yet many seek for a safe shelter.

And yes, the world as a whole still searches for peace.

Could it be that we have failed to recognize our responsibility to those who are less fortunate? Is it possible that we as a nation have become selfish? Are we too concerned about our own welfare and our looks? Do we forget about those in desperate need?

The days are still not here when the world comes to an agreement on how to treat our problems. We all cannot become mother Teresa but we, all, sure can pray.


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