Meet Shukri

Shukri Khan is a self-taught artist based in the Baltimore area. She studied journalism and graphic design, but focuses on painting in oils and acrylics. Inspired by the nature and deep human emotions, her work reminds us of the beauty God has filled our universe with.

Outside of her work as an artist, Shukri is an outreach coordinator for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Baltimore. She works with churches and service groups, and speaks with groups to educate them about Islam, peace and interfaith relations.


Her paintings are so rich in color and texture. So much depth in every detail and use of material. Feelings and emotions of the artist are displayed so wisely in such a subtle way.

Amatulrauf Amir

Such vibrant colors! I’m amazed by the unique ideas that mix realistic nature scenes with complex and emotional abstract images.

Art show buyer

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